ErgoHide height adjustable desk

A unique modular desk made of solid wood for more space and optimal working conditions.


Out of gift ideas for your loved ones?
Give an ErgoHide gift voucher – and we will add another gift to it!

6 integrated power outlets With surge protection
Quick-access power strip With USB-C quick charging
ErgoHide height adjustable desk

Modular solution

made of solid wood for more space and optimal working conditions.
Hidden wireless charger
Headphones holder
Floating shelf
Adjustable LED lamp
Huge selection of accessories


Out of gift ideas for your loved ones?
Give an ErgoHide gift voucher – and we will add another gift to it!

ErgoHide Gift Voucher

Choose any amount you wish to give and receive the gift voucher in digital and physical form.

When your loved one purchases any ErgoHide desk with a gift voucher, we will add our own gift - a free accessory of her/his choice.

Build your dream desk

Choose desk TYPE

ErgoHide height adjustable desk - With extended cable space
With extended cable space
A unique idea from the ErgoHide team. You can choose between the following tailor-made square accessories:
ErgoHide height adjustable desk - With space for cables
With space for cables

The desk features an elegant and large space for hiding cables.

The multi-outlet is hidden, but quickly accessible when you need it. There is JUST ONE power cable leading to the desk.

ErgoHide height adjustable desk - Classic ErgoHide desk
Classic ErgoHide desk

An elegant solution for anyone looking for a high-quality height adjustable desk made of solid wood.

Customize it with various accessories to exactly match your needs.

Choose your work surface

Solid oak or walnut wood? Our wood is from local environment and is carefully chosen to be of the highest quality.

Width 120, 150 or 180 cm?
You can also order custom dimensions!

Ergonomically curved or with a straight edge?

We coat the sanded wood with natural oil to protect it from dirt and spilled liquid.

Choose a base

Elegant classic frame or premium dual motor height adjusting frame?

74 cm
63 - 128 cm

4 saved profiles for 1-click height adjustment

Collision detection and avoidance

Up to 140kg load

Silent and fast operation: 43dB, 30mm/s

LED light with epoxy diffusion

Build your desk

Customer setups

5-year warranty

We provide a 5-year guarantee for flawless operation on all components.

If you are not completely satisfied with the desk, you can send it back at our expense within 180 days of receiving it and we will provide a full refund.


Is it possible to remove the attached power strips?

Yes, that's really simple as the power strips are attached to the screws on the lid as it is shown in the attached video. Just move it to the left or to the right.

Are you using CH/UK sockets and plugs on your power cords for customers from Switzerland/United Kingdom?

No, we are not using CH sockets and plugs on our power cords for customers from Switzerland at the moment. Instead, we are adding 6 additional converters for each desk with cable management space at no additional cost to you. You can check what they look like in the image below.

Do you need to hold the button to change the desk height from one pre-saved position to another?

No. One gentle push is ALL it takes!

How do you deliver to Germany, Austria or Switzerland?

All of our orders are shipped out with DHL.
As soon as they pick up your order from our workshop (usually every day around 1 p.m.) you will receive an email from DHL with the tracking number and other details.
DHL usually only brings the desk to the front of your building. If you want help getting it inside, you can ask the delivery person nicely and maybe offer a small tip. But we cannot guarantee that type of help as this is not a part of the official DHL service.

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