ErgoHide height adjustable desk

A unique modular desk made of solid wood for more space and optimal working conditions.

Build your own
EU cohesion fund

Unique solution for hiding cables

Solid oak wood

Superior height adjusting mechanism

Lots of accessories

Huge selection of accessories

Build your dream desk

Choose desk TYPE

With extended cable space
A unique idea from the ErgoHide team. You can replace the square covers with:
With space for cables
The desk features an elegant and large space for hiding cables.

The multi-outlet cord is already attached to the cover. There is ONLY 1 CABLE leading to the desk.
Classic ErgoHide desk
An elegant solution for anyone looking for a high-quality height adjustable desks made of solid oak wood, where you don't need space to hide cables while working.

Choose your work surface

Solid oak wood or MDF board of the highest quality?

Width 150 or 180 cm?
We also provide custom dimensions!

Ergonomically curved or with a straight edge?

We coat the oak wood with natural oil and protect it from dirt and spilled liquid.

Choose a base

Elegant fixed legs or high-quality height adjusting legs?

4 stored height profiles between 63-128cm

Collision detection and avoidance

Up to 140kg load

Silent and fast operation: 43dB, 40mm/s

Choose a colour

Minimalist white or stylish black?

Handy accessories

All accessories can be ordered later. Each ErgoHide desk has all the spaces and threads for mounting accessories pre-prepared.

Invisible wireless charger
Cup holder
Headphone stand
Floating display shelf
PC mount
Screen mount
Wheels with brakes
Additional multi-outlet

Square accessories


The bottom accessories are only compatible with desks with extended cable space.

Lamp with a movable arm
Lamp with a touch switch
Laptop stand

5-year warranty

We provide a 5-year guarantee for flawless operation on all components.

If you are not completely satisfied with the desk, you can send it back at our expense within 180 days of receiving it and we will provide a full refund.

Your opinion counts!

Miha Lenič

Just stocked 🤩 Amazing design, feel, and functionality of a classical table made for work from home. Despite the fixed frame legs, these are adjustable which is perfect. I do feel some regret for not taking the standing desk. Main reason is that these fixed legs are not strong enough to limit that little table movements back and forth.

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Katja Tratar

Great table, I recommend buying it. The construction is stronger than that of comparable tables, the table has a nice appearance and allows quick adjustment from sitting to standing position.

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Sašo Topolovec

An excellent choice. I have a chipboard lift table at work that is about 10 years old. I decided to buy this table for my home. For comparison: - It is much more stable (even in the highest position, where with the old table I have the feeling that it will tip over, this table is stable).

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Rok Gulič

This desk is made of real wood, no blemish there! Everything works great and feels sturdy, durable. Also, the price is just spot on. If you can, get the maximum size as it just feels wonderful to work at a big desk. That's one of the reasons for ErgoHide as I was having trouble finding a big standing desk. Only a few ugly models at insane price, it was really a no brainer.

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Jana Zadravec

The Ergohide lifting table is top! It is the right solution for a tall high school student for whom classics are too low. When he reads, he raises it more, when he writes, he lowers it a little. Above all, the wood brought fragrant nature into the room! I would definitely buy again!

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Marko Andrejašič

My girlfriend and I use the table for work and study. We are very satisfied with her. The ergonomically rounded edges of the table provide a comfortable armrest, the cable drawers are sensibly placed, and there is more than enough surface area. The natural look of the wooden panel fits nicely in the apartment. The lifting system works without any problems.

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