Dvižna pisalna miza ErgoHide

Unikatna modularna dvižna pisalna miza iz masivnega lesa za več prostora in optimalne delovne pogoje.

EU sklad za regionalni razvoj

Unikaten prostor za skrivanje kablov

Masiven hrastov les

Vrhunski dvižni mehanizem

Ogromno dodatkov

Dvižna pisalna miza ErgoHide

Modularna rešitev

iz masivnega lesa za več prostora in optimalne pogoje za delo.
Hitro dostopen razdelilec (vključen v vseh opcijah)
Neviden brezžični polnilec
Stojalo za slušalke
Držalo za kozarec
Ogromna izbira dodatkov

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Dvižna pisalna miza ErgoHide - Z razširjenim prostorom za kable
Z razširjenim prostorom za kable
Dvižna pisalna miza z razširjenim prostorom za kable je unikatna ideja ErgoHide ekipe. Kvadratne pokrove lahko zamenjaš z:
Dvižna pisalna miza ErgoHide - S prostorom za kable
S prostorom za kable
Mizo odlikuje eleganten in velik prostor za skrivanje kablov.

Električni razdelilnik je že pritrjen na pokrovu. Do mize tako vodi LE 1 KABEL.
Dvižna pisalna miza ErgoHide - Klasična ErgoHide miza
Klasična ErgoHide miza
Elegantna rešitev za vse, ki iščete kvalitetno dvižno mizo iz masivnega hrastovega lesa, pri svojem delu pa ne potrebujete prostora za skrivanje kablov.

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Masiven hrastov les ali MDF plošča najvišje kvalitete?

Širina 150 ali 180cm?
Za vas izdelamo tudi dvižno pisalno mizo po meri.

Z ergonomsko krivuljo ali z ravnim robom?

Hrastov les premažemo z naravnim oljem ter ga s tem zasčitimo pred umazanijo in razlito tekočino.

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Elegantne fiksne noge ali visoko kvalitetne dvižne noge?

74 cm
60 - 125 cm

3 shranjeni višinski profili

Zaznavanje in preprečevanje trkov

Do 125kg obremenitve

Tiho in hitro delovanje: 43dB, 30mm/s

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Minimalistično bela ali stilsko črna?

Priročni dodatki

Vse dodatke lahko naročiš tudi naknadno. Vsaka ErgoHide miza ima že predpripravljene vse prostore in navoje za montažo dodatkov.

Neviden brezžični polnilec
Držalo za kozarec
Stojalo za slušalke
Lebdeča polica za zaslon
Nosilec za PC
Nosilec za zaslon
Kolesa z zavorami
Dodaten razdelilec

Kvadratni dodatki

Spodnji dodatki so kompatibilni le z mizami z razširjenim prostorom za kable.

Svetilka s premično roko
Stojalo za prenosnik
Stojalo za prenosnik

LED luč in epoxy lepilo

Sestavi svojo mizo z epoxy lučjo

5 letna garancija

Na vse komponente nudimo 5-letno garancijo na brezhibno delovanje.

V kolikor z mizo ne boste popolnoma zadovoljni, jo lahko v 180 dneh po prevzemu pošljete nazaj na naše stroške in povrnemo vam celotno vrednost nakupa.

Tvoje mnenje šteje!

Napiši svoje mnenje
Miha Lenič

Just stocked 🤩 Amazing design, feel, and functionality of a classical table made for work from home. Despite the fixed frame legs, these are adjustable which is perfect. I do feel some regret for not taking the standing desk. Main reason is that these fixed legs are not strong enough to limit that little table movements back and forth.

Preberi celotno mnenje
Katja Tratar

Great table, I recommend buying it. The construction is stronger than that of comparable tables, the table has a nice appearance and allows quick adjustment from sitting to standing position.

Preberi originalno mnenje
Rok Gulič

This desk is made of real wood, no blemish there! Everything works great and feels sturdy, durable. Also, the price is just spot on. If you can, get the maximum size as it just feels wonderful to work at a big desk. That's one of the reasons for ErgoHide as I was having trouble finding a big standing desk. Only a few ugly models at insane price,...so it was really a no brainer.

Preberi originalno mnenje
Jana Zadravec

The Ergohide lifting table is top! It is the right solution for a tall high school student for whom classics are too low. When he reads, he raises it more, when he writes, he lowers it a little. Above all, the wood brought fragrant nature into the room! I would definitely buy again!

Preberi originalno mnenje
Sašo Topolovec

An excellent choice. I have a chipboard lift table at work that is about 10 years old. I decided to buy this table for my home. For comparison: - It is much more stable (even in the highest position, where with the old table I have the feeling that it will tip over, this table is stable).

Preberi celotno mnenje
Marko Andrejašič

My girlfriend and I use the table for work and study. We are very satisfied with her. The ergonomically rounded edges of the table provide a comfortable armrest, the cable drawers are sensibly placed, and there is more than enough surface area. The natural look of the wooden panel fits nicely in the apartment. The lifting system works without any problems.

Preberi celotno mnenje
Tim Kempf

- friendly contact from customer service.
- the desk was well packed and sorted.
- Quality is great.
- Setup was easy.
- The functionality and look is very nice!

So overall I'm very happy and satisfied. Expectations are fully met.

Preberi originalno mnenje
Carsten Kling

Very good and absolutely high quality product! Very friendly and competent contact. Easy to configure desk and easy to order. Also available to order via Amazon. Order acceptance and delivery very fast. Payment via Paypal and other payment options. Shipping is within the EU, so no customs or the like. Product is very well packaged so nothing was damaged during transport from Slovenia. Quick response to questions. Very quick assembly thanks to prefabrication. Screw on the feet, done. I also ordered the monitor arms. Very good, since now there are no more screen feet on the desktop! The wiring is also very well solved. The socket strips as accessories are highly recommended. The product meets my expectations 100%! Everything is very valuable and thanks to CNC production everything fits perfectly! I would buy the product again and again. Value for money fits.

Preberi originalno mnenje
Veronika Top

Ordered two desks already and thankful for your great work and the special service quality. High quality customizable desk with great features and a great service at ErgoHide!
Worth the price! Recommended the desk to friends, family and colleagues already.

Preberi originalno mnenje
Peter Sponholz

Absolutely to recommend. I received the desk this week and am very satisfied. Great selection of accessories, which makes every desk super individual and practical. Good customer service and fast shipping.

Preberi originalno mnenje
JB Tylcz

I ordered the 120x78cm standing desk with some accessories and I am completely satisfied. The furniture was nicely packaged and delivered to Germany in just over 2 weeks. Everything was easily assembled in about 20 minutes.
The oiled oak finish is really nice and the quality of the wood is higher than other cheaper options for me in the sense that you don't see any sapwood (which is the softer part of the board that carpenters are supposed to not use, but which we tend to see in cheap wooden furniture), the desk is really sturdy even in the standing position: I've got the double monitor arm and nothing moves when I'm typing.

Preberi celotno mnenje
Pavel Davidoff

There are really a lot of offers for height-adjustable tables on the Internet. Starting from 299€ - 2000€ and more. I found Ergohide by accident and what I personally really liked right away are the hidden gadgets with the extended compartments for quick access distributors, lamps, mobile phone holders, NFC charging stations, etc. So that's really super cool!!! Exactly what I was always looking for. In addition, the table is made of real wood and not cheap pressboard. So you can configure the table yourself as you wish. There is an incredibly good quality behind it. For those who are looking for something extraordinary, this is the place for you. It's worth the price! I highly recommend it. PS: In addition, the customer service is also TOP.

Preberi originalno mnenje
Martina Brandl

This is exactly how I wanted my new desk, and I found it at ErgoHide and was able to configure it. Top quality, super stable, easy to assemble and totally beautiful! Delivery was also very fast. Unreservedly recommended!

Preberi originalno mnenje
Sascha Weyland

A fantastic and spectacular desk. I have looked quiet a while for a desk and always came accross the ErgoHide website. The photographs, videos and also the fact that you can create your own desk was very catching. At the beginnig the price was holding me back, but after considering the quality you receive, there was no holding back. After ordering, I have been personally contacted by the sales rep, that my desk is in production now and will be sent out soon. That already sounded very special to me. Having this desk now und using it, I can say, the quality is marvelous. It looks in real even better than on the website. Excellent job guys. Keep in doing what you do! :-)

Preberi originalno mnenje
Manuel Kühne

Informative, well-structured website, easy to order. Fast delivery with prior notification by phone. Easy to set up. High quality. Work from home has reached a new level! Highly recommended!

Preberi originalno mnenje
Andrea Höller

Very nice quality desk. We recommend.

Preberi originalno mnenje
Pim Leenhouts

I am very happy with my new desk and am using it daily for my work. It's high quality and has a very nice design with the ergonomically shaped edge option. Features like the integrated touch switch lamp, extended cable space and the adjustable height makes it a perfect working place. For sure worth its price.

Preberi originalno mnenje
Thomas F.

I am super happy with my desk and can only recommend the ErgoHide brand. Super stable and just great with the many configuration options. I am so happy that I got exactly what I wanted. This is how work is fun!

Preberi originalno mnenje

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